martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Mis palabras, tus palabras, nuestras palabras


Created by Nathan Strange and Andrea Vega, the [Words] Campaign Ad was formed under the premise that we can ALL take responsibility in putting an end bullying. It is a rampant and serious problem that comes in many forms, and in various degrees. In a world where youth are exposed to adults, leaders, and even nations that are bullying each other, we believe that the end must begin with the individual. In your school, your workplace, your friendships, your family, we urge you to set an example by finding the words that you want your life to embody, and standing by them. For more information, find us at

This ad was co-produced and directed by Andrea Vega and Nathan Strange and was edited by Jenny Stern. Special thanks to all those who contributed their talent and time.

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